Benefits of Council Membership

  • Networking with peers across the Medical Device Industry around the globe
  • Sharing of non-proprietary, non-competitive information including case studies, leading practices and industry-specific solutions
  • Access to Council sponsored research, focused on the Medical Device Industry
  • Ability to influence the future direction of industry supply chain standards


Membership is limited to senior Operations and Supply Chain executives in the Medical Device industry. Member companies are charged an annual subscription fee, which includes the following:

  • Participation in two Council meetings/roundtables annually
  • Access to intellectual property (e.g., surveys, research) developed by the Council for all members
  • Participation in activities directed at driving industry standards impacting the supply chain
  • Access to special projects sponsored by Council members (additional costs may apply)


Companies interested in gaining exposure to the work of the Council can become Sponsors. Sponsorships are for a period of one year. In exchange for a Sponsorship fee, Sponsors are provided the following:

  • Attendance at two Council meetings / roundtables annually
  • Identification as a Council Sponsor, done by posting the Sponsor's logo on the Council's website with a link to the Sponsor's company/organization website
  • Access to the Council website and the knowledge capital contained within

For Additional Information

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