MedSC 2020 Fall Virtual Meeting


November 17, 2020 | Virtual

MedSC 2020 Fall Virtual Meeting
Tuesday, November 17
Covid Experiences and Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from the Data

Mark Van Sumeren
Managing Director; Health Industry Advisor LLC
(November 2020)

From Hyper-Growth to Near-Zero and Back

Todd Abraham
VP Operations; Ivantis
Jon Asercion
Sr. Manager, Global Supply Chain; Ivantis
(November 2020)

PPE on Steroids

Mike Tuck
VP Global Product Supply, Procurement and Supply Chain; O&M/ Halyard
(November 2020)

Serving Medical Device OEMs as a Contract Manufacturer

Nicholas Schulz
EVP Global Operations and Active Device Components; Heraeus
Jayme Hanson
VP Marketing and Customer Experience; Heraeus
(November 2020)

Distribution and 3PL, and Europe (“Working in the Bubble”)

Yolanda van Riel
Executive Strategic Accounts; Rhenus Contract Logistics
(November 2020)

The Provider COVID-19 Perspective

Joe Walsh
Consultant; Supply Chain Sherpas
(November 2020)

The Vaccine Promise and Challenges, and Terso Update

Dr. Ash Anderson
CMO; Promega and Terso Solutions
Joe Pleshek
CEO, Terso Solutions
(November 2020)

Sponsor Introduction – Movemedical

Mareo McCracken
Chief Customer Officer; Movemedical
(November 2020)

Brexit Update

Gavin Orpwood
Tax Director; PwC
Andrea Als
Director and Lawyer; PwC
(November 2020)

Pandemic Risk Management Strategies

Karl Bryant
Senior Vice President, Business Continuity Management; Marsh Risk Management
(November 2020)

Labeling for a Covid Supply Chain

Joe Farrell
Global Account Executive; Loftware
Laura Johnson
Senior Account Executive; Loftware
(November 2020)

Sponsor Introduction – Providien Medical

Ryan McCormick
Director, Business Development; Providien, A Carlisle Company
(November 2020)

Sponsor Update – GHX

Denise Odenkirk
Vice President, Supplier Sales; GHX
(November 2020)

Sponsor Update – Vizient

Rachael Martin
Sr. Supply Chain Operations Program Director; Vizient
(November 2020)