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MedSC 2018 Fall Meeting

November 13, 2018 | San Diego, CA

Healthcare Market Scan
Mark Van Sumeren - Healthcare Industry Advisor LLC

Medical Device 3D Printing Case Study - Xilloc
Maikel Beerens - CEO; Xilloc

Digital Supply Chain in Healthcare
Stephen Meyer - Research Director; Gartner

Elevating Supply Chain Management to the Executive Suite
Joe Walsh - Executive Advisor; Supply Chain Sherpas

US Trade Policy and Tariffs - Implications for the Medical Device Industry
Molly Jantzen - Global Solutions, Medical / Life Sciences; Integration Point

Changing Role of the GPO
Stephen Downey - Group SVP, Supply Chain Operations; Vizient

Healthcare Provider Self-Distribution
Jamie Kowalski - Jamie C. Kowalski Consulting, LLC
Molly Ehrlich - Consulting Director; Vizient
Tom White - Director, Supply Chain; Froedtert Health
Scott Wilson - Program Director, Americas Distribution; Medtronic

EU Medical Device Regulations Update
Kareem Elwakil - Consultant; PwC

Sponsor Introduction - Millstone Medical

Sponsor Introduction - Loftware