"It’s About Knowledge Sharing and Networking That Enables

Improved Performance."

The Medical Device Supply Chain Council ( "MedSC," "the Council") was formed in 2004 by Supply Chain and Operations executives from leading Medical Device manufacturers.   The Council is an informal network of senior industry executives who are focused on identifying opportunities to improve the industry supply chain through:

  • Focusing on global industry and supply chain issues facing Medical Device companies
  • Taking an end-to-end view of the supply chain – from Manufacturers to Providers to the Patient
  • Sharing both strategic and tactical approaches being taken by the supply chain executives both within and outside the Medical Device industry to address challenges and opportunities
  • Influencing industry standards that directly impact operational efficiency and effectiveness.

We are focused on the issues that are "top of mind" for the Medical Device supply chain executives in the industry.  This includes an appropriate mix of strategic and tactical topics. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Global Industry Trends
  • Cost Containment/Reduction
  • Asset Management
  • "Voice of the Customer"
  • Global Supply Chain Processes, Organization Models, and Governance

Some of the unique attributes of the Medical Device Supply Chain Council are outlined below.

  • A Global Industry Perspective – The Council focuses on the global healthcare industry, looking at the issues facing medical device manufacturers, from manufacturer through healthcare provider.
  • A Membership Comprised of your Peers – Our members are Director and VP level (or higher), all from medical device manufacturers.
  • Member-Directed Topics and Case Studies – This facilitates significant sharing of relevant, useable, real-life experiences with respect to business practices, processes and initiatives.
  • Manageable Size – The group is large enough to gain perspectives from companies across the size and product continuum, yet small enough to promote participation and sharing.
  • On-Demand Access to the Membership – You have access to our members on an as-needed basis to help accelerate research by leveraging what other members have already done.
  • A Non-Selling Environment – We have meetings, not conferences. There is no excessive sponsor selling that you find at conferences.
  • Building your Network – Because we have multiple meetings annually, you get to know your peers through repeated interaction. This helps you build your network, which you can leverage for both business and personal needs.

We believe you will find this to be a forum unlike any other. Contact us to learn more.