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Supply Chain Management

The Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 for 2013

BD: Investing in Future Supply Chain Leaders
Logistics Management Magazine
(August, 2013)

White Paper: Applying the Voice of the Customer to Reduce Reverse Logistics Inventory Holding Cost
OnProcess Technology
(November, 2013)

White Paper: Insights on Building a Healthcare Value Network
Supply Chain Insights, LLC

BD Goes Big On Green 
Logistics Management Magazine

White Paper: Perfect Order and Beyond
Dennis Black
Director, e-Business, BD
Alex Zimmerman
Director, Integrated Business Solutions, ROi

White Paper: Service Supply Chain Optimization
OnProcess Technology


UDI/Data Standards

UDI Compliance: Impact on Medical Device Warehouse Operations
(March, 2014)

White Paper: RFID's Role in Tracking Medical Assets
Terso Solutions, Inc.

UDI: Bane or Benefit? You Decide
Healthcare Packaging

Unique Device Identifier Study, Adoption and Use Trends for Medical Devices
Anya Kroupnik and Susan Moretti
Booz | Allen | Hamilton

Get Ready for UDI: It’s All About the Data
Karen Conway


Market Expansion

Innovation in the Market Expansion Services Industry
DKSH and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
Second Global Market Expansion Services Report

Market Expansion Services: Taking Outsourcing to a New Dimension
DKSH and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
First Global Market Expansion Services Report