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Past Events

MedSC 2017 Spring Meeting

April 26, 2017 | Austin, TX


Trump Administration Trade and Tax Policies - Supply Chain and Business Operations Implications
Jennifer Parkhurst
Consulting Partner; PwC
Benjamin Proce
Tax Partner; PwC

One Health System Leaders Perspective on Emerging Trends 2017
John Brindley
Retired President; SETON Healthcare

Business Continuity Management
Karl Bryant
Senior Vice President, Business Continuity Management; Marsh Risk Consulting
Craig Hourigan
Director, Supply Chain Optimization; Hollister, Inc.

Merger Integration Update
BD, Medtronic, Hill-Rom

Big Data in Healthcare: Trends and Opportunities for the Medical Device Supply Chain
Carl Finamore
Consulting Director; PwC

Advanced Analytics in the Post-Sales Supply Chain
Mitchell Miller
Senior Analyst; OnProcess Technology

MedSC 2016 Fall Meeting

November 08, 2016 | Scottsdale, AZ


Healthcare Market Scan
Mark Van Sumeren
Healthcare Industry Advisor

An "Amazon" Perspective on Healthcare and the Medical Device Industry
Chris Holt
Leader; Amazon Global Healthcare

Brexit Implications for Medical Device Manufacturers
Jo Pisani
Partner; PwC UK

Gartner Supply Chain Cost Reduction Survey
Stephen Meyer
Research Director, Supply Chain; Gartner
Doug Keys
Leadership Partner; Gartner

Medical Device Field Inventory – Real Challenges, Real Solutions
Wayne McDonnell
Principal; PwC

Field Inventory Control and Visibility Using Branch Concept
Stephen Bradley
CEO; Medical Tracking Solutions (MTS)
Jerry Brown
Consultant to Owens & Minor

Automated Field Inventory Management Through RFID Technology
Scott Wilson
US Indirect Sales Administration (Spine & Biologics); Medtronic
Jason Rosemurgy
Global Sales Director; Terso Solutions

Biocom Update
George Bonaros
Director, Business Development; Biocom

MedSC 2016 Spring Meeting

April 28, 2016 | Nashville, TN


Healthcare 2017 and Beyond: The Six Things You Need to Know About the Future of Healthcare and Probably Don’t
Joe Flower 

Healthcare Futurist, Industry Analyst, Author and Speaker

Supply Chain Trends Through a Global Lens
Bruce Johnson


Operationalizing the Future
Todd Abraham

Consultant; Former VP of Operations for Endologix

Mergers and Supply Chain Integration in the Medical Device Industry
Ewald Parolari

VP Supply Chain North America; BD
Rob Varner
VP Americas Distribution; Medtronic
Alan Rust
Director Strategic Solutions; O&M Healthcare Logistics
Bill Mosser
VP Supply Chain Solutions; FMOL Health System

The Reinvented Leader
Chuck Bolton

CEO; The Bolton Group LLC

Trust Between Healthcare Trading Partners
Gene Schneller
Professor, Dept. of Supply Chain Management; W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University


MedSC 2015 Fall Meeting

November 12, 2015 | Scottsdale, AZ


Healthcare Industry Market Scan
Mark Van Sumeren – Managing Director; Health Industry Advisor
Formerly VP of Strategy and Business Development; Owens & Minor

New Entrants in the Medical Device Industry
Brian Williams – Director, New Health Economy; PwC
Driving Cost Reduction in Supply Chain
Kevin Lewis – Partner, Pharma/Life Science Supply Chain; PwC
Partnering for Improvements in Cost, Efficiency and Asset Management
David Kopstein – Vice President, Sales & Marketing; O&M Healthcare Logistics           
Chris Lynch – Vice President, Global Service and Logistics; Acelity
Biocom Update
Rick Fultz – Managing Director; Biocom Purchasing Group

What Companies are Looking For in Supply Chain Leadership
John Davitt – Senior Client Partner and co-Leader Supply Chain Center of Excellence North America; Korn Ferry
AdvaMed Government Policy Update
Riley Swinehart – Vice President Government Affairs; AdvMed
Best Practices in Supplier Controls
Steve Niedelman – Lead Quality System and Compliance Consultant; King & Spaulding LLP

Situational Awareness Within the Healthcare Supply Chain
Joe Pleshek – CEO; Terso Solutions

MedSC 2015 Spring Meeting

June 02, 2015 | Charleston, SC


FDA/CDRH Compliance Initiatives
William McFarland
Director; Division of Manufacturing & Quality, FDA
Shanika Booth
Consumer Safety Officer; Division of Manufacturing & Quality, FDA

Quality Remediation Case Study
Mark Lincoln
Vice President, Quality & Operations; Terumo Cardiovascular

Partnerships with Contract Manufacturers
Jan Boyd
Vice President, Sales and Marketing; Kelpac Medical

Service Supply Chain Management
Carolyn DeVasto
Vice President, Business Development; OnProcess Technology

A Medical Device 3D Printing Start-Up Story
Maikel Beerens
CEO; Xilloc

Innovation and the Changing Nature of Supply Chain
Michael Wentling
Chief Solutions Officer

Total Cost of Ownership Pilot Project
Tim Nedley
Vice President, Materials Management; UPMC
David Reed
Vice President, Operations; Cook Medical

Franciscan Missionaries of our Lady (FMOL) Health System -  Road to Excellence
William Mosser
Vice President, Supply Chain

UDI Implementation Experiences and Provider Adoption
Grant Hodgkins
Vice President, Commercial Practice; USDM Life Sciences
Karen Conway
Executive Director, Industry Relations; GHX
William Mosser
Vice President, Materials Management; FMOL Health System

GPO for Medical Device Manufacturers
Rick Fultz
Vice President and Managing Director; Biocom

MedSC 2014 Fall Meeting

November 11, 2014 | Phoenix, AZ


Health Industry Market Scan
Mark Van Sumeren – Independent Business Advisor; formerly VP of Strategy and Business Development; Owens & Minor

A Physician’s Perspective
Dr. Ashley Anderson – Physician and Chief Medical Officer; Promega

Managing Global Labeling Requirements
Ryan Wallace – Senior Manager, International Supply Chain; Boston Scientific

eLabeling Experience and Lessons Learned
Dawn Fowler – Senior Manager, Labeling/Documentation/Training; Endologix

UDI Implementation Perspectives and Lessons Learned
Katie Usher – Program Director, Global Operations Strategy and Engineering; Boston Scientific

Global Supply Chain Risk Management
Alan Rust – Corporate Director, Distribution; ConMed
Lindsey Rodriguez – Business Development Director; BSI

PwC Supply Chain Benchmarking Report-Out
Glenn Haywood – Manager, Benchmarking Services; PwC

Sponsor Introduction – World Courier Ground / National Logistics Group
Stephen McKinnon – President; World Courier Ground

MedSC 2012 Fall Meeting

November 08, 2014


A Canadian Healthcare Provider's Supply Chain Perspective
John Martin, Director of Hospital Services; Queensway Charlton Hospital

Application of Lean Concepts at a Healthcare Provider
Steve Schaefer, Vice President of Supply Chain; Virginia Mason Hospital

Provider / Device Manufacturer Opportunities - Inventory Management
Michael Wentling, Vice President of Operations; Sister's of Mercy ROi
Michael Bulone, Director Logistics Services; Johnson & Johnson

A Commercial Perspective and the Importance of Supply Chain
Chip Jones, Vice President of Corporate Sales; ConMed

Medical Device Trends in Asia
Andrew Frye, Business Development Healthcare; DKSH

A UDI and GS1 Update
Siobahn O'Bara, Vice President Healthcare US; GS1US

MedSC 2013 Fall Meeting

November 06, 2014 | Westin Kierland, Scottsdale Arizona


Healthcare Market Scan
Mark Van Sumeren – Senior VP Strategy and Business Development; Owens & Minor

Medical Device Global Transformation – A Case Study
Tom Doherty – Director Global Supply Chain; Welch Allyn

Lean/Six Sigma in Supply Chain
Derek Mulligan - Director Supply Chain; Karl Storz Endovision

Lean/Six Sigma - A Medical Device Case Study
Vinay Asgekar - Senior Director Global Demand Management; Edwards Lifesciences

10 Things They Don't Tell You in a Medical Device Start-Up
Tom Rasmussen – Vice President Operations and Supply Chain; VBOX Medical

Building Future-Focused Supply Chain Talent
Todd Applebaum - Research Vice President Healthcare & Life Sciences; Gartner

Talent Management in the Medical Device Industry - A Case Study
Larry Smith – Vice President Global Supply Chain; Becton Dickinson

Supplier Relationship Management Benchmarking Report-Out
Carlos Menos – Senior Supplier Development Manager; Thoratec


MedSC Europe Meeting 2013

October 01 – 03, 2014 | Amsterdam, Netherlands


Major Findings from "Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Disciplines for Top Performance"
Joseph Roussel – Co-Author; Strategy and Operations Partner; PwC


Since the first edition of this book, it's clear that the global supply chain has become both more critical to success and more vulnerable to disruption. So what does it take to execute superior supply chain performance today?  Learn how leading companies – often with robust support from C-Suite executives – are changing their thinking about their supply chain, seeing it not only as a strategic priority, but also as a key driver of competitive advantage and business success.


Perspectives from a Healthcare Provider
Stephen Graham - eProcurement Lead; NHS

Steve Graham will provide insights to Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care, the NHS Procurement strategy published in August 2013, together with highlights from the forthcoming NHS eProcurement strategy, taken from both the national and local perspective with a focus on supply chain and logistics. Suppliers to the NHS will learn how adjustments to their service offering in response to these initiatives will gain competitive advantage.

Journey to 3PL and 4PL Concepts for Philips Healthcare Imaging System
Nick Weijers – Manager Logistics Services; Philips Healthcare Imaging Systems

A case study that looks at the transfer of all logistics activities in support of transport management from an in-house management towards a 4 PL managed goods flow based on one voice to customer, improved visibility and cost management, and enabling  optimization of these flows to improve customer satisfaction. Outsourcing of all local logistics activities like warehousing and packaging to a 3 PL was a logical next step in looking for improvement and flexibility with a next step into a partnership for lean manufacturing.

Medical Device Global Supply Chain Transformation – A Case Study
Tom Doherty – Director Global Supply Chain; Welch Allyn
Aidan Ward - EMEA Ops, Supply Chain & Logistics Manager; Welch Allyn
Luc Van Ostaeyen – Consulting Director; PwC
Eric Willems – Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions; Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC)
Maarten Brower – Senior Project Manager; Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA)

Global restructure has become a common term for many companies in today's healthcare industry. This session will take a closer look at Welch Allyn's journey to reshape it European footprint in order to position the company for further growth in the Europe and Middle East (EME) region.  The discussion will include members of PwC, Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC/NDL) examining their roles in defining and executing a strategy to drive growth and optimize operational performance in the EME.

Challenges of Global Labeling and it's Impact on the Supply Chain – A Case Study
Bill Cooley, Director Corporate Engineering; Boston Scientific

With an ever-changing global economy, new markets can bring new opportunities for a global manufacturer. With these new markets, however, come new regulations and ultimately, new labeling requirements. With space at a premium on product packaging, learn how Boston Scientific continues to meet these challenges using a centralized systems approach across their global supply chain.

Global UDI Update
Karen Conway – Executive Director Industry Relations; GHX

Unique Device Identification (UDI) is quickly becoming a global issue for manufacturers. In September, the US FDA issued its long awaited final rule for UDI, and earlier this year, the European Commission released its recommendations for a common framework for a unique device identification system.  Meanwhile, many other regions of the world are watching what happens in the US and Europe and preparing for their own regulatory initiatives. This session will provide an overview of UDI regulation:  what, when, where and why, including the similarities and differences between proposed regulations in Europe and the US, and the role UDI plays in efforts to improve post market surveillance, supply chain operations, regulatory master data management and customer service.

MedSC 2014 Spring Meeting

June 04, 2014 | Westin North Shore, Chicago Illinois


A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective
Tom Lubotsky - Vice President Supply Chain and Clinical Resource Management
Advocate Health Care

A Device Manufacturer's Perspective on Emerging Markets
Larry Smith - Vice President Global Supply Chain

Dealer and Distribution Strategies in Asia
Andrew Frye - Vice President Global Healthcare

Trends in Field and Consignment Inventory Management
Mark Van Sumeren - Senior Vice President Strategy and Business Development
Owens & Minor

Case Study - NuVasive
Jeff Bertolini – Vice President of Information Technology, NuVasive
Wayne McDonnell – Director, PwC

A GPO for Manufacturers
Scott Miller – Vice President Sales, CoreTrust

MedSC 2013 Spring Meeting

May 15, 2014 | Denver, CO


Global Healthcare Outlook and Supply Chain Implications
Gene Huang, Ph.D. – Vice President and Chief Economist; FedEx 

While “The Great Recession” hurt the global economy, the healthcare industry was one vertical that maintained growth. This discussion will focus on why that was the case, the future of the healthcare industry from a macro-economic perspective, as well as supply chain barriers that must be overcome in order to facilitate continued growth.

Building the Outcome-Focused Healthcare Value Chain
Todd Applebaum - Research Vice President; Gartner 

As governments and insurers move to link approval and reimbursement decisions to quality of care, healthcare providers are increasingly looking to suppliers to not only reduce product costs, but also to support improved patient outcomes. This session will examine recent research on the changes in healthcare that are driving manufacturers toward a more patient-centric supply chain, including implications for manufacturers, and emerging supply chain capabilities that will enable this change.

The Evolving European Market: Challenges and Opportunities
Tina Vatanka Murphy – Senior Vice President Global Markets; GHX 

Much of the costs and complexity for healthcare suppliers comes from the varied requirements imposed by not only governments, but also from the customers they serve. This is even more challenging for global suppliers who must manage manufacturing, distribution, sales, service and inventory in multiple locations and markets around the world. This session will take a closer look at the changing nature of supplier-provider relationships in the European marketplace and how manufacturers are working to reduce costs to serve and optimize operational performance in a widely varied and yet rapidly changing marketplace.

Unique Device Identification (UDI) Around the Globe
Karen Conway - Executive Director Industry Relations, GHX 

UDI is no longer just a US issue. Countries around the world are following the US lead of requiring unique identifiers on medical devices. This presentation will provide a summary of the activities occuring in this critical area. 

Increasing Regulatory Scrutiny in the Extended Healthcare Supply Chain
Bernie Student, Consulting Partner; PwC
Linda Meloro, Consulting Director; PwC 

Regulatory scrutiny is expanding throughout the medical device value chain, with the FDA and other regulatory bodies pursuing more robust oversight programs on globalized supply chains. This discussion will focus on the trends in global regulatory oversight, the risks faced by device manufacturers and what activities companies are (or should be) taking to ensure patient safety, regulatory compliance and product security and traceability. The emphasis of this discussion will be on upstream supplier oversight and downstream distribution quality and practices.

Supply Chain Transformation at Briggs Healthcare
Brad Mueller – Senior Vice President; Briggs Healthcare 

As the expectations of providing more with less continue to soar across businesses, the value of the supply chain gets additional scrutiny from organizational stakeholders. This presentation will explore how Briggs Healthcare has transformed its supply chain into a competitive advantage by doing more with less and creating a robust and predictable supply chain through its application of S&OP processes and other tools.

Conflict Minerals: What does Dodd-Frank Section 1502 mean for companies in the Medical Device Industry?
Greg Szczesny, Risk Assurance Practice Director; PwC

PwC will facilitate a discussion covering the compliance requirements and reporting timeline for Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act (Conflict Minerals provision). The conversation will focus on activities that support the initial product scoping, 3TG identification and supplier mapping techniques, and RCOI / DD activities. Practical considerations from our work within the medical device industry will be provided throughout, including leading practices in program governance, lessons learned when surveying suppliers and hidden places where 3TG may be lurking in your BOMs. The discussion with conclude with a review of immediate next-step considerations and Q & A

MedSC 2012 Spring Meeting

May 09, 2014


A Congressional Update on Healthcare Reform, the Excise Tax, and the FDA

Rep. Erik Paulson, R-MN3 and co-chair of the Med Tech Caucus

Preparing for the Medical Device Excise Tax

Sean Rutter, Tax Partner; PWC

Case Study - Development of the Manufacturing and Product Supply Network and Capabilities

Marc Gillette, Director of Strategic Operations; Boston Scientific

Case Study - Global Distribution Network Redesign

Craig Hourigan, Director Global Supply Chain Management & Sourcing; Hollister

A "Green" Success Story - A "Hyper-Sustainable" Distribution Center Yields Big Business Benefits

Ewald Parolari, Senior Director Supply Chain Operations; Becton Dickinson

Application of Customer Segmentation in Supply Chain - Research & Early Findings

Adam Dolby, Director Global Supply Chain Planning & Technology; Hollister

Mercy/ROi and Becton Dickinson Collaborate to Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Costs - Application of GS1 Standards and the "Perfect Order" Metric

Alex Zimmerman, Director of Integrated Business Solutions; Mercy/ROi
Dennis Black, Director eCommerce; Becton Dickinson

Benchmarking Study Summary and Debrief

Larry Smith, Vice President Global Supply Chain; Becton Dickinson